National Military Appreciation Month

May is National Military Appreciation Month.  National Military Appreciation Month was started in 1999 to recognize and honor past and present members of the United States military.  At Witty Things we are passionate about supporting the military and want to say to everyone who has in the past or is now serving, Thank You.

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Freedom Alliance

I first heard of Freedom Alliance when I went to see Oliver North speak. At that event, Freedom Alliance was awarding scholarships to children of killed or injured servicemen. I went home and started researching Freedom Alliance and discovered they do many different things to support service men and women and their families. Witty Things is proud to support Freedom Alliance as this month’s “Group We Support”.

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Toner Foundation

March 27, 2009.  Four years ago today.  His name was Frankie.  Frankie L. Toner, IV.  He was killed, in another country, serving this one. I never met Frankie but I’ve known his sister for a few years.  She is precious, with a sweet spirit and a quick smile, and she lights up when she talks about him.  She knows what so many of us know.  When a loved one is in the service, the whole family serves.  Frankie’s family started a foundation in his memory and we are honored to support it. It is with a thankful heart that we have chosen the Toner Memorial Foundation as this month’s “Group We Support”.

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